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Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma Informed Yoga - TIY TIY is yoga that has a facilitator or teacher that has been trained in the effects of trauma on individuals and has been educated to hold space and to guide yoga sessions with the awareness that some practices may not suit everyone, that one kind of practice can be incredibly beneficial to one person and detrimental to another. TIY encourages and supports individuals to make choices in their practice that truly benefit them. TIY aims to support in alleviating any pressure of having to perform or do yoga outwardly ‘right’. These are supported yoga sessions that tend to highlight the healing that takes place within, in the process of establishing a loving, respectful relationship with one’s own body, mind, emotional intelligence, soul and spiritual connections.

TIY sessions pay particular attention to the awareness that memories live in our bodies, and as we start to move our bodies in particular ways via postures and breathing patterns, that suppressed emotions and thoughts can arise into our awareness. Sometimes experiences that arise into our awareness feel manageable and sometimes they may feel overwhelming. In TIY there is space, invitation and allowance to recognise these inner signals, sensing when to lean into a practice or when we may need to lean out (discontinue). As we begin to listen and learn what we need, we develop an inner relationship and start to honour the cultivation of this relationship with ourselves. Knowing it’s ok, it’s ok sometimes to move a little different to the teacher’s guidance, that this is wholly supported, whatever it is that you choose to do in taking care of yourself, it is supported in TIY sessions.

Yoga can be so healing and feel so benficial, and sometimes certain practices maybe challenging or even triggering, as we consciously move into our bodies where stored unconscious memories and emotions lay, we may need to move with a little more care, and a little more mindfulness. TIY sessions support you to make your own empowered decisions on what feels good to you, there is a guide/facilitator but most importantly the practice is always yours and the power is in your decision making to make decisions in your practice that are truly beneficial to you.

Two Books that are helpful in understanding Trauma The Body Keepers the Score – Bessel Van Der Kolke Waking the Tiger Healing Trauma – Peter A Levine Two Woman who speak clearly and compassionately about understanding the effects of Trauma and techniques in how to heal from trauma have books, trainings and lectures to access The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method – Nityda Gessel Transcending Sexual-Trauma through yoga – Zabie Yamasaki

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