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Tadasana - Mountain Pose

In Yoga there are different asana's (pose's) which help one to become aware of different aspects and alignments of the body. Tadasana, which means Mountain Pose, is one of the first asana's learnt in Yoga. This asana helps to align the whole body, awaken the sense's and bring about awareness of ones body. Tadasana can also bring about a sense of centred-ness, grounding and strength of a Mountain.

To begin, the feet are hip width apart, sense the toes, the outer foot and pads of the feet pressing down into the Earth, and the arches slightly lifting. Breathe.

Second, rise your awareness up, ankles, calves, shins, knees (not locked back), up the thighs, into the hips and the buttocks. Whole legs are engaged. Breathe. Next bring your focus to the base of the spine, at the tail bone, and run your awareness all the way up the spine, to the back of the head. To the muscles on either sides of the spine and the shoulder blades. Breathe. Shift your focus to the front of the body, to the pelvis, (ensure the pelvis is level, neither tilting back or forward), bring awareness into the lower-mid & upper belly, rib cage, and to the chest/lungs. Breathe. Move the focus to the shoulders, rolling the shoulders back, and run the awareness down the arms to end of the fingers, with the palms opening out. Breathe. Finally bring the focus to the front of the throat, either sides of the neck, back of the neck and upwards to the crown of the head. Then run the awareness over the forehead and down the entire face: eye brows, eye sockets, nose, upper-lower lips, cheeks, jaw, tongue, ears, and chin. Breathe. Repeat 1-3 times

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