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Importance of Alignment in Yoga

To embody a posture known as asana, with precision, a sense of balance and listening to ones unique body-mind-soul is yoga alignment. By doing this one maximises the benefits of an asana and minimises the risks of injury.

Contrary to the common thoughts around asana, there is no right sized fits all way to embody an asana. All bodies are unique, so an asana will look and feel different to each person. Even on each given day as well as through the years, our body goes through so many environmental, emotional and mental changes, we must compassionately work with ourselves in this moment. There’s a way to embody an asana which encourages a yoga practitioner to listen to their own body while following the guidelines of the practice.

Alignment is a flexible structure that offers options for all practitioners of all levels, shapes and sizes. Alignment is intended to create a stable foundation for a safe practice, to allow the body over time to form strength and flexibility in the right places. If yoga is practiced over time safely, without repetitive strain on body-mind-soul, then one will receive all the benefits of yoga, if one is regularly damaging the body and tearing at tissues, joints, ligaments in the body, one will move out of alignment, and wont receive all the benefits of yoga. This is why it’s so important to establish optimal alignment as soon as one can in their practice.

At first alignment needs to be cultivated and paid particular attention to. Regularly remembering or being reminded to from a teacher to bring awareness to ones own being so the practitioner learns to listen to their body-mind-soul. Fostering alignment grows and boosts self confidence as the connection to ones’ own body is built upon.

Enjoy your aligned yoga my friend : ) Listening to your body-mind-soul.

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