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Pia as Art Therapist

I am here to be a warm and kind guide, to help you explore yourself creatively. For you to find your own inner resources which can assist you in a range of different journeys in life, from: learning to enjoy your own company, re-discovering your unique self, working through various traumas and find meaning-purpose in the life you lead.

We begin by creating a sense of safety.
The practices used to help support this are:
Breathe exercises, Grounding techniques, Visualisation & Meditation to calm and nourish our nervous system.

Once you feel safe I guide you into forms of creative expression
Story Telling, Drawing, Painting, Nature formations, and/or supported to Explore and Create.

I am a non-judgmental presence, holding space for you to explore your inner world, to support a journey where you may begin to nurture, honour, listen and fall in love into.

Time and Pricing:
- Free First consultation is 30 mins 

(this first session is for us to get to know each other, and to see if this is the right therapy for you)

- One Full Therapy session is 1 hour - 1.5 hours long

and is $120 in-person with art supplies or $90 for an online session

- Group sessions are usually between 1.5 and 2.5 hours long, these are not personal or private therapy session but involve group activities, lead to assist in self discovery and exploration in a wider held space shared with others.
*Please contact me for group prices

*I am so open to negotiation, and trade.
If finance is a barrier please contact me <3
*Sustainable love and care are the most important focuses for me in how I like to live all aspects of this life.

Art Therapy: Text

Understanding Art as Therapy

Art Therapy is a healing modality which allows the whole-self to be fully seen and heard without judgement. Art Therapy can help with feelings and experiences that haven't been completely integrated yet. Through creative expression we can discover a language that is both unique and enables a way for us to make meaning of experiences which previously where not understood.

Art Therapy offers practices which can help us to become compassionate and more accepting of ourselves. Through taking the time to get to know and understand ourselves, we discover a peace within, a deeper connection and relationship with life, and this enables us to live a soul-ful and enriching existence. 

Our own inner discoveres and healing also have this magnificent and vast beneficial ripple effect out to the rest of all life/existence.

Art Therapy: About

Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy

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Art Therapy: Welcome
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Trauma Informed Training

Bessel Van De Kolk run workshop 

Understanding how Trauma is stored in the body and how to use different tools and body practices to help release trauma in the body and integrate past experiences.   

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Art Therapy: About
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