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Guided Yoga with Pia

Thank you, all who have taught me. I acknowledge and am so grateful to the practices of yoga and its living roots which reside in India, Nepal and Tibet, all three countries have offered me more than I feel I can communicate in this small space. True awareness and compassionate lead Yoga has rippled out to benefit so many who seek the unifying qualities this practice offers. 

I offer Hatha practices; 
Awareness, compassion and cultivation in balancing opposite energies that reside within.
All classes are Trauma Informed, however I also offer Trauma Informed Specific Sessions, if you'd like more information about this, get in contact! Or check out my blog on Trauma Informed yoga. 

Choose In-person or Online. Groups or Individual sessions.

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Choosing your practice:​

Hatha (active, and tailored to you) 

Yin (slow strong stretches with long holds) 

Restorative (Long relaxing poses) 

Chakra Focused (particular attention to the seven energy centres within you, and balancing these) 

Trauma Informed (find safety and nurture your nervous system, return to your inner sense of home)

A Guided session: 
 Pranayama (Breath Practice)

 Intention for Practice

 Physical Asanas (Postures)
 Guided Sensation and Visualisation 

 Meditation (deep listening)

 Acknowledge and Gratitudes for the roots of Yoga 
And the land we reside, enjoy and benefit from.

Times and Costs

 One Private session is 1.5 hours long 
 (Longer/shorter session on Request)

 Private Yoga Class $120 each

 Three or more Private's booked at a time $100 each
 Group sessions with two-four people $40 each
 Group session with five-seven people $20 each 

*Know I am open to negotiation, and trade. So if finance is an issue please contact me.

Yoga: About
Trauma Informed Yoga Certificate .jpeg

Trauma Informed Yoga Certificate

Trauma impacts all areas of human functioning: the physical, mental, behavioural, social, and spiritual. So often, the impact of trauma is somatic. Survivors often times experience flashbacks, dis-regulated breathing, anxiety, depression, insomnia, GI issues, migraines, and many more. As a result, trauma treatment must consider the person as a whole. In yoga terms, trauma can elicit "vasanas" which are emotional imprints in the body that often times become deep rooted, hardwired, and lodged in various areas of the body depending on the nature of the trauma. These vasanas can impact the nervous system, the endocrine system, and our physiology and cause a variety of trauma symptoms, dissociation, physical pain, and illness when left undigested (Amy Wheeler). By working to heal the body, we can create a  critical pathway to safety and embodiment for our clients.

200 hour certificate_edited.jpg

200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certificate

Ha-Tha noticing and balancing the opposing energies that reside within and bring about a marriage within, a love care and weaving of both sides. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices to bring about this balance.

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300 Hour Seasonal Hatha Certificate

A deep reflection and investigation of yoga teachings and acknowledgment of the inner life through the lens of the elements. The five elements explored through the chakra and meridian systems as well as the Ayurveda Constitutions in order to better serve the seasons with our classes and better understand individuals.

Yoga: Services
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