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my name is Pia. I'd love to share this space with you.

I live and was born in nipaluna/lutruwita, on muwinina country. I acknowledge and am in deep gratitude to the original care takers of this land, honouring the past, present and emerging elders who continue to inspire me to take care (of community and country).

My offerings to community are currently
Yoga, Thai Massage, Art Therapy, Masala Chai and just generalised Care of mostly all :p : )

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Awareness and Imagination

A little about what I offer and why

I've found that to come home, and to heal, is the returning to our true and natural self.

Awareness and Imagination practices offered me a way home to myself, amongst some really huge and challenging life happenings I have been able and am continuously able to heal and remember my home within. Because of awareness based practices, because of the ability to imagine!

The benefits I have witnessed in myself and of others, through these awareness based practices and through imagining new ways to be, have drawn me to find and cultivate ways in which I can support others in their journey back home. 

I offer a variety of Yoga practices to suit individuals mind-body
I offer nourishing and Gentle Thai Massage which have it's roots and understanding in yoga 
I offer Art Therapy/Counselling to any who are seeking support in understanding their inner world or who need assistance to creatively imagine new ways through life, opening up possibilities!

I also offer and sell Masala Chai because it's yum (and stimulates healthy digestion). 

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Pia Om Services

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Art Therapy and Yoga Classes Online or In-person.               Thai Massage                     Nourishing Tea and Treats.

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday: 6am - 8pm
Australian EST

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